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MakeShift Alpha Kit - Without Teensy

We really wanted to put a Teensy 4.0 in here. However with the numbers we're shipping for Alpha, it just wouldn't work with sourcing - everything is on backorder forever.

So, we're putting up the kit without the Teensy in the hopes that you'll be able to source a Teensy from your local hobby shop or global warehouse corporation, likely you'll save a bit on shipping too!

CAD ...

* depends on location

What's in the Kit?

The kit contains every single component that we use to construct the pre-built version of the MakeShift Alpha, and all the accessories that would be included as well. The only thing that will be missing is maybe our fingerprint smudges from assembly (though we do give pre-built units a wipe before sending it out).

We have included a list with descriptions below for exactly what the kit will include.