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About Us

Eos Foundry started off as two idiots wanting to do a Research and Development consultancy.

We wanted to solve problems through teaching people to work with and understand the technologies that run their businesses, with a focus on small business run by just one or two people.

Eventually we stumbled onto building a studio controller for streamers. A single person running their show is still a business after all. Turns out freelancers and hobbyists are kind of in a similar boat - getting creative with their tools and workflows because they don't have company resources or limitations. Yet the way that one person does their work can be completely different from another, even in the same field using the same tools.

We wanted something that was extremely versatile, and (hopefully) affordable, but most of all we wanted something open source that would allow each user to completely make it their own.

That idea of building a tool that can adapt to someone's workflow was how the MakeShift was born.

Eos Foundry is still a miniscule team, but we're focused on taking our time to get everything right - if not the first time, then the sixth time.