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The MakeShift Library


The MakeShift Library is under construction, sections that are rough around the edges will be labelled with a little 🚧 icon

The MakeShift is a big project with a ton of details. This library aims to document as much of it as possible - from the big picture 'get things done' stuff, all the way down to the small moving bits that make everything work.

The library is split into three major sections, each aiming to be somewhere on the sliding scale of 'useful' versus 'informative'.

Think of them on a spectrum between 'user manual' and 'blueprint'.

Quick Start

Cut to the chase on how to get the MakeShift working - create cues, set up layouts, and troubleshoot issues.

MakeShift In-Depth

Dive way deep into all the nitty-gritty details of how everything works from the ground up. The goal of this section is to answer 'why this?', and provide explanations and insight into how each major chunk of the MakeShift fit with the others - from the hardware, to the firmware, all the way up to the software.


Documenting the Application Programming Interface exposed by internal libraries. This section is automatically generated from all the makeshift repos in our GitHub

This Library

Maintaining this library is a huge part of MakeShift, having accessible documentation makes contribution that much easier. The source code of the website is available to browse and update.